The Vegetable Garden

Our second year with the vegetable garden.  It is going well and we are enjoying lots of fresh veg.  Many thanks to all the visitors who helped with the weeding and advice.

Trussel Barn Vegetable patch

July 2014 – We are eating peas, mangetout, beans, radishes, spinach, beetroot and potatoes.  The courgette are growing like mad and it looks like we will have a good crop.

Trussel Barn artichokes We are very proud of our artichokes.  You can compare them to a year ago in the picture below.


The artichoke plants bought from the Eden Project August 2013.

Here are a few other photos of the garden.

Trussel Barn Red Rose

This rose has been fantastic.  At the beginning fo the season the squirrels picked the roses, tore all the petals off and ate the middle.  Thankfully, they have moved onto other sources of food and the rose is doing well,

Trussel Barn hanging baskets

Trussel Barn hanging basket

Trussel Barn herb garden

The herb garden is doing really well this year.  The purple basil has really taken off.

Trussel Barn Pergola

The lower garden looks really good.  The Gunnera is huge again.